It’s not just women…

There seems to be the belief that only women are affected by mental health and that men are emotionless creatures who are built for toughness. This is very much not true and even the toughest of guys can succumb to mental health issues, in fact the majority of suicides are indeed men.

Unfortunately unlike women, men are unlikely to seek help for their symptoms due to feeling embarrassed and discriminated and feel they won’t be understood. Men can be affected by all mental health issues including body image and eating disorders. The stigma for men with mental health disorders is so great that they feel there is no option left but to end their life. Their are many charities now trying to change that, to change people’s opinions on mental health.

Men won’t see their GP in the fear of feeling they are wasting the time of that doctor. A good doctor will sit and listen to their patient with patience and understanding and work out a plan to help you get better. Medication may be prescribed as well trying therapy like CBT but this does depend on the mental health issue.

Like women, men can feel incredibly lonely during a battle with a mental health issue or when it becomes a crisis they are most likely to seek help when there are thoughts of suicide and self harming. It sad that many won’t make that call. We need to change the perspective on mental health for men, make a change and show society actually men can suffer too. It does not make them weak or pathetic, a man that seeks help is inspiring, courageous and strong. It takes so much effort to realise that hey I’m struggling mentally. I need to speak to someone.

To all the men please don’t suffer in silence. Speak to your wife, partner, family or your doctor. Your not alone on the battle, your in to win the war.


Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

One thought on “It’s not just women…”

  1. So very true. I think organisations such as “Men’s Sheds” are so important in encouraging men to speak out. To give men a safe place to reach out to other blokes as well as their families. A very important topic, thank you for raising it.

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