Underground Suicide

Today me and my husband spent the day in London City after a we spent the evening watching an Ed Sheeran Gig with friends and a chilled night at a cosy hotel. I love London for its architecture and history, and after all it’s the capital city of England.

London Underground is heaving with people, faces you will never see again pass you by deep under the ground all making their way to their destinations. You can hear the rumble of the trains speeding along the tracks and masses of people line the platforms waiting for the train. Then you hear the tannoy, a ‘person on the tracks’ and delays on that line. This means someone has taken their life. You can hear the moans and groans of the people who may be effected by the delay, not actually thinking about the person who was so desperate to take their own life and what they must have been going through at the time to take that action.

The London Underground is a popular area for suicide and suicide attempts and has been since the tubes opened back on the 19th century, it’s relatively common for a body to be on the tracks. Of course they have ways to prevent death or limit life changing injuries by putting in a ‘suicide pit’ a hole beneath the rails on which the train passes over the person until they can be retrieved, that’s unless they have not hit the middle, live track which is running at 640volts and will result in instant death. There is roughly one death a week on the London Underground.

Those luckily enough to survive are usually charged with offences such as trespassing.

As well as the person who was clearly suffering mentally who died but the i dread to think of the impact it has on the train driver and witnesses, it would be heart wrenching to see as well as even causing the witnesses and the driver to develop mental health issues later on, it’s something that will never leave you, I’m sure of that. Many can develop PTSD.

Mental health and what it does to person is so damaging, depression itself can cause feelings of despair, feeling useless and worthless and not having anything to live for, it is also hard for a person to recognise they are poorly, I did for years. In denial about my mental health and blamed everyone’s else behaviour when it was actually my own. I didn’t want to admit I was poorly and fragile.

After today’s incident I feel not just for the person who jumped ( I’m unsure wether they survived or not) but for the train driver and the witnesses.

Anyone who feels suicidal should try and seek help, there is always someone there to help and listen.


Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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