Mental Health is Awkward

Suffering from a mental health condition is an uncomfortable feeling but talking about it can be awkward and having someone to understand how you feel is just as hard.

Many people will not open up about depression or bipolar because of the fear of being discriminated or having someone turn their back on them, I never use to be able to talk about it, I would bottle it up inside and admittedly it would get to much and I would lash out. It’s a difficult feeling to control. Having had many mental health issues in be past I would wear a mask and that mask would slide of my face as soon as I was home. I didn’t want to make anyone feel awkward even i I was feeling awkward myself.

In social situations there are times I have felt very uncomfortable usually at a wedding or a party, it would take me a while for my anxiety to ease up, maybe because being an introvert parties are generally not my thing. As a child I was never invited to a birthday party or even had one myself so I guess I was not very well socialised as a child.

I can be very shy, I can find it hard to strike a conversation with someone I don’t know unless I’ve had a drink and like most people your lose your inhibitions so it becomes easy and you relax. Alcohol does have that great feeling on someone who is an inward person like myself. Unfortunately if I was to bump into a said person in the street I would most likely cross the road and pretend I didn’t see them, so I find it difficult to make friends for this very reason, probably because I may be seen as odd.

Mental health is an awful thing and what does to your train of thought, the carriages come straight of the track and down the embankment and it’s hard to get them back on the rails again. In a room full of people I don’t know I derail. I get paranoid about how I may look or if I’m being stared at even though that is not the case. I’m learning to let my hair down slightly and try find myself to become less awkward in social situations.

Nobody should feel uncomfortable about how they feel when it comes to mental health it’s more common than people realise unfortunately. It’s definitely not a rare thing! Most people will suffer with depression at some point in their lives.


Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

5 thoughts on “Mental Health is Awkward”

  1. Hey, hope you are doing well.

    I invite you to read a post of mine where I am gathering warriors facing mental health challenges 1st hand to educate people, to raise awareness and acceptance.

    I need help from you in fighting stigma.

    Here is the link to post..

    Your participation can make a huge difference in life of someone.

    Thank you 🙂

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