Mental Health Awareness week-Stress

From 14th-20th May is mental health awareness week and this years theme is stress.

What is stress? Stress is something we feel when under pressure. It’s a physical response and not necessarily a bad thing but too much can be harmful to our mental health. Life stresses such as a demanding job or being in debt, when stressed the bodily releases chemicals into the blood stream. This is okay if you feel like your in danger, but it’s also a negative if it’s a response to something emotional.

We can become stressed when we worry about something that is beyond our control. This is internal stress.

We can become environmentally stressed such being in crowds, a noisy and loud place or stresses from family and work.

Being stressed from overwork and fatigue is exhausting and takes a toll on the body as well as mentally. Not being able to manage your time well can be stressful as you find yourself rushing around. Working too hard at school or when doing exams or being in a demanding job with deadlines. This can all be mentally overwhelming.

When we are stressed that’s the time we take a step back and a deep breath, when we must take time for ourselves to gather our selves together. Stress can lead to depression, and it’s that spiral of life becoming out of control becomes harmful to you and the affects it has on family. Depression can be utterly devastating to the sufferer. You may feel like a failure, a weak person, pathetic, useless and the list goes on to the emotions that your mind floods you with. It’s cruel.

If life becomes too overwhelming it’s time to see your Doctor. Never feel ashamed to admit your not okay.


Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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