Bucket list.

I was thinking about this earlier and I believe it’s mostly achievable in a life time:

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

Visit the opera house, Sydney

Visit India and the Taj Mahal

Go to the Caribbean

Visit Canada

Go to a movie premier

Travel down Route 66

Visit Las Vegas

Visit Hollywood

Climb a volcano

See the northern lights

Visit a rainforest

Travel 1st class on a commercial airliner

Go shopping in New York

Explore a cave

Swim with dolphins

Meet someone famous

Chase a tornado

Stand under a waterfall

Ride a x country course

Learn a new language

Visit the Philippines

Visit Thailand

Visit Paris

Go on a cruise

Go on an African safari

Visit the Badminton Horse Trials

There could be more to this list but this all I could think off right now but there are things I have done:

Visited Disney land in Florida

Holidayed at a 5* resort in Mauritius

Flown on an airbus A380 with emirates

Made a wish In the Trevi fountain, Rome

Visited the Sistine Chapel, Rome

Visited Edinburgh and it’s castle

Visited Dublin

Visited Amsterdam ( and smoked pot 😉)

Visited London ( several times now)

Holidayed in various parts of Spain

Holidayed in France

Holidayed in Florida

Holidayed Ibiza

Holidayed Mallorca

Holidayed Majorca

Ran a 10k

Walked 50 miles for charity

Flown in a helicopter

Baked a cake for someone special

Surprised someone special

Got a tattoo

Had piercings

Drove fast in a car

Travelled on a ferry

Been kissed by a sea lion

Ridden a horse on a the beach

Ridden in a horse and carriage

Started a blog

Seen Rihanna, green day and Florence and the machine in concert

Tried pole dancing

Done a Zumba class

Dyed my hair a crazy colour ( several actually )

I have a will

Share a horse ( I love my Zeus)

Been to ladies day at the races

Donated toys to my local hospital

Have given blood

On the organ donor register

Been up all night


Visited Gran Canaria

Holidayed on a boat

My biggest thing is overcoming my

Mental issues that have been big a huge part of my life since I was a teenage. I won the war and fought the battle.

What I’m doing this year:

Seeing Ed Sheeran gig

Going to a masquerade ball

Holidaying Croatia

Seeing Britney Spears in concert

Going to another ladies day at the races

Having a professional photo shoot with Zeus

Holiday in Furtventura

I think that’s it for now….

Karina ❤️

Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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