The Pressure

Becoming a mother is an exciting and terrifying time at the same time, getting back into your pre-pregnancy jeans is far from your mind when your up to your eyeballs in baby feeding and nappy changes and just taking a shower needs pencilling into the busy schedule parenting brings. But these days there is so much pressure for new mums to lose the baby weight.

Celebrities who have got back into their size 6 jeans 5 minutes after having a baby is utter trash. It’s not achievable to a real woman, enjoying your new child must be far more important than getting into the tiny skinny jeans. I get they are in the public eye and need to look their best but they need to give themselves time to enjoy the joys of motherhood not focus on the scales.

Body dysmorphia is so very real and what does to a person, I know exactly what it does. I use to read the magazines of these women who have had a baby and then have these amazing post-partum figures and there was me- hating what I saw in the mirror wishing to look like these women only to realise it’s unrealistic.

I’ve learned that while my body has changed since having babies it’s also taught me that those changes were to bringing precious new lives into the world. Of course I’ve lost all my baby weight and then some and I’m now healthier and fitter than I ever was when I had my first child 10 years ago. I’m still learning to love my body, the wobbly bits, the strips of stretch marks that are on my tummy, thighs and breasts. My husband loves me the way I am, maybe i should too.

I don’t read magazines anymore, I don’t follow celebrities on Instagram, I no longer use Facebook so I have limited myself for what I can and can’t see.

To all the new Mothers and Mother’s-to-be LOVE you bodies, EMBRACE your new curves. You have/are doing a miracle thing.

Never be ashamed of your body. We’re all different, not one person is the same, we can’t all be the Kylie Jenna’s of the world and be sticks 5 minutes after having a baby.

Poem by Cassie Fox called Birthmarks. Tummy is mine. I have stretch marks, c-section scar, laparoscopic scars. They all tell a story. ❤️


Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

2 thoughts on “The Pressure”

  1. I have lost the weight but things are just not back to where they started and I know it’s never going to be. Some days I’m honored and some days I still get a bit sad at the loose skin or saggy boobs. Exhale. It’s life, my kids are amazing even when driving me nuts.

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