August last year I underwent major survey to remove endometriosis, Fallopian tubes, a rectovaginal nodule which involved the colorectal surgeon putting stitches into my bowel as well visceral skin removal. I was in theatre for around 5 hours. When I came too the first thing I checked was my tummy for a stoma, which luckily was not required.

For months after the surgery I felt amazing. No more opiate painkillers and I was able to live my life again without leaving the house with a pharmacy in my bag. I had energy. Until now.

The last couple of months pain had been slowly creeping back into my life, to say in devastated would be the under statement of the century. Today I’ve been in agony. It feel like someone has gone through my back and grabbed my ovaries and just twisted, pulled and stabbed them. It has been horrendous. The pain is enough to make me feel very sick and tired. It took a long time for the painkillers to take affect and I still have tenderness in my tummy.

There is no cure for endometriosis. After seeing my endometriosis specialist nurse I was advised to try the mini pill to try and ‘shrink’ and new growths. It’s makes me nervous as the contraceptive pill in the last has only made the pain worse and has also affected me mentally-depression. I wish there was magic wand that they could wave to make it all go away but this is the real world and not fantasy. Which is a shame because the world would be a nicer place!

I’ve had enough pain to last a life time physically and emotionally, I had honestly thought the surgery had fixed me. I’m also hoping that maybe it’s just a blip or even an ovarian cyst that possibly burst. All I know that the pain was so bad I couldn’t even stand, and it frightens me because that was how it use to be before the operation. I wouldn’t wish Endometriosis on anyone because its a cruel disease. It affects so many women and many don’t get a diagnosis for 7+ years, I didn’t get a formal diagnosis for 10 years after I had my first laparoscopic procedure to explore the possibility of endometriosis about 8 years ago. Many women who like me faced the battle of getting the correct treatment and sometimes surgery is the only option left on the table. Having an understanding gynaecologist helps as well as one who is interested and studied the field of endometriosis and it’s their speciality. That makes the world of difference too.


Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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