Jeremy Kyle

I had a phone call from my uncle up the North in Scotland, it was a very interesting yet a rather disturbing phone call.

For my American readers Jeremy Kyle is the Uk version of the Jerry Springer show.

A normal day started with my uncle in Scotland, when a taxi driver hand delivered a letter to him personally, on the phone was an ITV researcher wanting to talk to him, intrigued he took the call.

Christine ( my mother) had contacted the producers or whoever of the Jeremy Kyle show about not seeing family in 20 odd years yet she attended her grandmothers funeral back in 2011 where my uncle also attended.

Why would the woman want to go on national television to air out her dirty laundry because she would have got slated. Slated for being a shit mother, slated for being a shit sister and basically slaughtered for being a shitty human being. My uncle called me to warn me in case she tried to use itv to find me and contact me. Let’s just say my uncle told them where to stick it, and I would imagine somewhere where the sun don’t shine.

I wouldn’t go on a show like that even if I was paid an extortionate amount, I wouldn’t want to look at her let alone sit in the same room, same building as her and I like my dignity as it is. I googled how much guests who go on the show are paid thinking wow she must be seriously desperate. It would seem expenses, cigarettes and booze are paid to hose guests. Wow.

She must be craving drama because that what the show is for, drama. I love the quiet life, and I certainly don’t want to go on national television on the Jeremy Kyle show. It’s a programme I never watch and one time I have watched it ( I was heavily pregnant and very bored) I found it rubbish.

I wonder who else she will try and manipulate to get on the television for contact because it is not going to be me.


Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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