Fret, another word for anxiousness. I grew up fretting about everything from home life to school life, it was all miserable and the years I try to put behind me. No child should suffer anxiousness, no child should have to worry about going home and going to school. Both places should be calm and enjoyable.

I guess growing up worrying it carries into adult life with the smallest things making me anxious, even about going to get fuel for the car before the school run panicking will I be late even if the clock says I have plenty of time. I worry about what if I get stuck in traffic, or the petrol station is dead busy, the smallest little details would bother me where’s normal people would not even think about it.

I fret if I have to work out some mathematics in my head, it actually consumes me with worry because I simply can’t do it. Growing up, I was forced to do hours upon hours of maths and fractions. I would get them wrong and the consequence were not pleasant, I would forget how to work it and terrified to ask for help so I would struggle in silence, even taking too long also had it consequences. This has evolved into my mathematical anxieties, this was also the very reason I could not pursue my dream career as a paramedic because you need to be quick thinking when working out medications. I am one big failure when it comes to number crunching, I don’t even understand sudoku.

when my eldest receives homework I leave the maths to his dad, my eldest is like me but I don’t pressure him, I can only guide him and his dad will he’ll him with any questions, im kinda okay at the grammar and English stuff but I can let my readers decide that with my blog posts!

I came to terms years ago that I would never be a paramedic but I do great job now and it’s within the family so it’s even better, I don’t think I will ever lose the desire to help people where I can, but I guess that’s a good trait to hold on to.



Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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