Three Wishes?



If you were granted threes wishes what would it be? to rich and prosperous? money is handy but it does not buy love or happiness. To spend one more day with a loved one? To be in great health? world peace? To have the perfect body? to travel the world? Live an eternal life.

I know what my wishes would be:

  1. To have a healthy, sound mind always. Mental health illness destroys you, it leaves you in despair, angry, worthless, useless, pathetic, tired, worried the list goes on with this one.
  2. To take away my little boy’s genetic disorder. Of course prader-will i is part of him, it’s in his DNA but if something can be done to take away the impact it has on him, that would be amazing.
  3. Inspire. I want to inspire and help people. Let them know it’s going to be okay, you can fight this.

Okay, there is nothing I can about number 2 but I know number 1 and number 3 I don’t need wishes for, I can do that myself. Number 2 will never change of course, but I worship the ground my little boy walks on and will fight for him all the way.  My little man is incredibly special and the happiest, loving little boy you could ever meet, my son is a little treasure and despite his special needs, I will ensure he lives his life to the full. My son is not treated any differently from his siblings and will be starting mainstream school in September. He is my hero, my little lion he is my inspiration.

wish 4

I do many things to help my mind, keeping busy is one of them but I enjoy yoga, cycling, running and my biggest therapy is horse riding. Excercise is important to me, not to set an example for my children but it makes me feel amazing about myself, it brings positivity to the day, it also helps me sleep at night because of work, blogging, being a housewife, exercise, being a mummy by the end of the day I am shattered.

I know my childhood and my teens years were taken from me but its now up to me to make everyday count, not to think about the future but to take each day at a time. Nobody can predict the future so there is no point thinking about it. Spend times with loved ones, enjoy what you do. Make memories, happy ones. Be your own inspiration.

wish 3


Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

2 thoughts on “Three Wishes?”

  1. I hate language barriers and I only speak English. I wish I could communicate with every person in the world. Hunger, I wish no one went to bed starving. Free medicine (including mental health) for everyone in the world. Those are my three wishes. Big ones I can’t really do much about sadly

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