Grasp, a word to explain when your suffering with a mental health disorder, sometimes, your grasping at straws holding on to dear life while you feel yourself drowning, sinking lower and lower below the surface and nobody to help you. Your screaming but no sound comes out, your lungs are silent except for the heavy breathing of despair. Living becomes painful, unbearable.

You wonder why you was dealt the short straw, why did anxiety or depression pick me i could not grasp onto what my thoughts were doing, my brain on some weird roundabout going nowhere, just the same torturous images and memories.  the problem with depression it can bite you on the ass very quickly and its hard to overcome it, having an amazing support network helps too.


The amount of people who are on medication for mental health reasons are in the millions, yet there is still so much shit surrounding mental health, why cant people just wake up and smell the coffee? It’s never going to go away and if effects men as much as woman as well as children and adolescents. Depression snatches life away from you, it takes away every pleasure in life and everything you ever enjoyed. Its something to laugh about or sweep under the carpet its so very real and many people would most certainly agree with me. So many people are isolated by their mental health, terrified to tell anyone in case they are treated differently. Being understood is more important and being supported makes a huge difference.

same person

I think being open, honest and talking about mental health makes a difference to me, it makes me feel better and it gives me focus. If i can do a little good in the world then to me that’s an achievement. I use to feel ashamed, carrying a dark secret on my shoulders and it would weigh me down and it only makes it worse. Never be ashamed!

Don’t spend time grasping at those straws and gasping for life below the surface of life, YOU have courage, YOU have strength, YOU are not defined by your mental health. YOU are YOU, don’t ever think your odd or weird or different even. Your still the same person.

lets take away the stigma and talk about it.





Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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