Recovering from a mental health disorder can be long and challenging as well as tiring. Everyone has their own coping mechanisms and strategies to help back on the road of feeling yourself again, here I explain how I helped myself.

Before treatment I had no confidence and my self esteem was buried under the ground, I was basically an empty shell of a woman who relied on her husband for everything. I didn’t even have the confidence to answer the phone or make a phone call or even leave the house to go to the supermarket.

Exercise: After having my 3rd baby I was overweight, I was lugging around extra weight which only contributed to my anxiety and my BDD and other insecurities. I needed to lose weight, this will help boost my confidence. I lost around 3stone and kept it off by following slimming world. I had to give it up though as it became an unhealthy obsession and could not cope if I gained half a pound it would get so upset about it, I suffered the awful disappointment. I was 7lbs shy of my goal weight but people started to think I was too thin, especially my husband. I still eat very healthily, I exercise most days and limit naughty foods.

My weight loss and exercise has boosted my confidence and self esteem and I also feel much better within myself. It’s hard at first, and scary but you soon forget about it and will feel amazing afterwards. You don’t need to join the gym to lose or maintain weight.

Positivity: Even on days where everything you touch turns to shit, remaining positive will actually help you through and turn your day around. Think your bad day won’t last forever and the next day is a brand new day. A day to start afresh, so if your day is not great, just write it off and end it with a hot bath, hot chocolate and an early night.

Hobby: I find doing something new helps alleviate any Boredom and it keeps the mind occupied preventing compulsive and intrusive thoughts. Even reading a book can help too.

Take time for yourself: Being a mum, this can be difficult as you put everyone first but yourself. My me time is horse riding and running, it’s my time to clear my mind and to recharge.

Be open: if your having a bad down day, be open and honest about your feelings to someone you love. This helps lessen the burden and can actually help you feel better because they can reassure you and help you with what’s bothering you.

Social Media: social media actually was not good for me, I closed down my Facebook and instagram accounts but kept my twitter account as that one does not bother me. Facebook can be full of negativity and it can also draw you in into an unhealthy habit of checking it through the day, losing hours. If this is you, ditch social media. You will thank me for it.

Keep a diary: a diary can help track your feelings daily, writing it down can help you and if your struggling and need medical attention you can use the diary to show how you have been feeling.

I do hope my tips help somebody, they helped me immensely.

Please note: These will not substitute any treatment and medication your under but may help you on your recovery journey.

Seek advice from your general practitioner before commencing any exercise, especially if you have an existing medical condition.

Karina ❤️

Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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