Incredible women

Today is international women’s day and I’m thinking of the people who are a great inspiration. People who fight for equality but also people who have battled mental health conditions. Proof you can be rich and famous but still can become unwell with a mental health condition.

I don’t think I inspire anyone. Not that I know of to be honest. Maybe my husband?

Great women who had fought battles and won.

Britney Spears

A very famous woman who came into the public eye as a very young teen. Britney is well known for her public breakdown in 2007. She was sectioned and hospitalised due to severe anxiety. I think she is an incredible women to go through that in front of the whole world and to come out the other side a strong lady and to carry on with her career.

Princess Diana

One of the worlds most incredible woman battled post-natal depression. Someone who was in the eye of the public world wide had to pretend everything was okay. Nobody then really understood PND and even now many women are frightened to seek medical help after having a baby. I remember when news of her death was announced on the radio. As a child I had to sleep with the radio on and it woke me, an amazing lady left behind 2 babies and a world in mourning. Lady Diana will never be forgotten.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was raped, this lead her to develop PTSD. Lady Gaga used music to hide her pain and anxiety, an outlet to help her cope. She is also a philanthropist and dedicated time to helping charity and teaching women about HIV/AIDS. As a bisexual women she actively supports the LGBT rights around the world.

Sinead O’Connor

An Irish singer who has been controversial in the past has publicly battled Bipolar disorder and tried to take her own life in 1999. Sinead is an Incredibly brave woman.

Demi Lovato

Demi has battled bulimia, depression and bipolar as well alcohol and drug abuse. Demi fights to destigmatize mental health as well as an ambassador for Mean stinks, a campaign focused on eliminating bullying by girls. Demi also created the Lovato treatment scholarship program to pay for the cost of treatments with for patients with mental health disorders.

And last myself. Im an inspiration to myself.

I’ve fought and overcome battles. I’m not my mental health it does not define who I am. I’ve suffered sexual, physical and physiological abuse as a child, I have survived suicide attempts. I’m learning to love myself as a person and learning to be loved. I want to help others as much as possible, I’m compassionate and mental health and I know what it does to people. I’ve achieved so much and it’s took effort, patience and a lot of therapy to get me here today but it’s been absolutely worth it. I can now live.

Any woman fighting a battle with mental health is an inspiration, keep fighting beautiful your worth it. Your a warrior.

A mum caring for her children tirelessly is an inspiration and even more so when your child has a diasbility or special needs. Your selfless, your fuelled by coffee and love. My little boy has a genetic condition and he inspires me everyday. If my Noel can be tough I can too.


Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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