Before I met Shaun at 17 in 2003 I didn’t know what love was or how I would expect it too feel. After what felt like a life time of abuse, neglect and hurt I thought my capability of loving someone wasn’t there. I also thought that Shaun would not want to know me after the upbringing I had. That he would run for the hills and leave my like every other person in my life who had. It took me a while to let down my guard and let shaun in. A while to learn to trust and to trust him too, I still have some insecurities but as a person I’m so much better now than I use to be.


Love is a like a flower, it flourishes

Day at a time the petals open one by one

The bloom slowly becomes undone

Deep in the ground it flourishes

Stolen kisses and tender caresses

This is what love is

A little hug that takes away the stresses

He is mine I am his

I didn’t know love,

Until I met shaun, he saved me

From crashing to the ground on my knees

We fit together like a hand to a glove

He shows me joy, happiness and devotion

How do you describe love, is it an emotion?

A feeling, a never ending story

Butterflies in the tummy, a skipped heartbeat

We are husband and wife

Together we will always share this life

With affection, intimacy and fidelity

Our union is in the stars, in our destiny

He has been my greatest hero

My greatest support

My mental health has never thwarted

What me and shaun share

He is my saviour, I adore him so

He makes me smile, he makes me glow

I am complete when I’m with him

He is my love

Karina ❤️

Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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