Horse Healing


Horse healing

There he stood in the stable
So tall and handsome
Beautiful brown eyes
Looking so kind and gentle

Bay coloured that he is
With a mane with a little frizz
And a tail so dark and long
This is where I belong

That he is a stunning horse
With a strong name called Zeus
He actually wouldn’t go boo to a goose
He can be a bit grumpy and a big monkey
But this makes him a little funky

He is a through and through thoroughbred
With a gorgeous little head
Small pointy dainty ears
That move to and fro

When I ride I listen to the sounds
The clip clop clip of his shoes
Just him and me nothing around
One and one his hooves come off the ground

He loves a scratch and a groom
Me and Zeus together we bloom
He is my therapy he keeps me sane
All while I’m brushing his mane

I could not imagine my life without him
He prevents me from feeling grim
I clean up his reins and his tack
I wouldn’t want it to crack!

I will see him no matter the weather
Ride him up on the common amongst the heather
Just me and Zeus together
Always and forever
As long as I have Zeus
I will always be better




Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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