It’s Been a Yucky Week

I woke up Monday just passed feeling under the weather and being me I brushed my ailing symptoms under the rug hoping they would disappear. I popped some painkillers and went on with my day working, caring for the boys then horse riding, time I finished riding the temperature had dropped to -1 degrees so a little below freezing.

Unbeknown to me through sweating then cooling down in my damp clothing after riding I inevitably caused my symptoms to worsen. I woke early hours Tuesday morning freezing yet sweating with my throat feeling like i had swallowed a cheese grater, great. I hate being ill because it means I have to slow down, something I don’t like doing.

I vomited later that morning and I can only assume that with my pyrexia, aching body and the feeling that my head was in a vice I was coming down the flu, even though I had been given the vaccination. Great, because I don’t have time for the flu!

I soldiered on through the day at work and managed a walk afterwards, come Wednesday I was feeling even more worse for wear but again cracked on with the day like i normally do and of course come Thursday I couldn’t move and cried several times because everything hurt, my body was screaming. I had to start making my little boy’s birthday cake who turned 2 yesterday (9th Feb) it was awful but I wanted to get his cake finished and no sooner had i completed it Thursday I felt utterly rubbish and fell into bed. I felt so rough.

Friday the day of my little boys birthday was hard work, I hadn’t eaten properly in 4 days and I wanted to make his day special. Despite my ill health he had a great day.

Maybe if I hadn’t ignored my symptoms on the Monday then i wouldn’t have got into a hideous state through out the week. Today I was forced to rest on the couch which I absolutely hate because I feel useless, a feeling I can’t bare and by the end of the day i was feeling irritated and cranky and became a little snappy at my husband.

Because I’m so active and then it all stops makes me feel on edge I like to be busy and if I’m kept busy it keeps my mind from wandering where I don’t want it to wonder. Not wanting to admit it but a day of rest has helped and not had take nearly as many painkillers as I had to do over the week. I don’t think I will take being healthy for granted ever again! Flu sucks. Next time i shall I listen to my body.

Karina ❤️

Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

2 thoughts on “It’s Been a Yucky Week”

  1. Sorry you had such a bad week! Glad to hear you finally decided to rest, so that you can heal. I’ve learned through the years to listen to my body – it used to have to scream at me before I would relinquish control. I understand about wanting to keep busy to keep thoughts at bay. Hope you heal soon. Your birthday cake is magnificent!

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