What is perfect?

Everywhere we are deemed to be perfect, in magazines, social media or televisions. Why can’t people just be themselves?

Perfect hair? What is perfect hair anyways? Long and luscious with not a split end and all shiny and glossy? Is that even possible?

Perfect body? Evenly toned with no cellulite, thigh gap, sticky out collar and hip bones? Flat stomach? Narrow waist and perfectly formed hips? Perfect pert breasts? Every magazine shows these women and everybody has that desire to be her, me included! But we also need to live a life.

Perfect eyes? Blue eyes, long lashes? Perfect skin with no blemishes, wrinkles and glowy? Long manicured nails that don’t chip or peel? Perfect teeth with no stains and brighter than the moon? I like my tea, I’m an outdoors girl and I get dirt under my finger nails.

To hell with the perfect bodies, there is no such thing! It’s all down to camera angles and photoshop. Marilyn Monroe was a lady with curves and was loved for it. We all have our own shapes and sizes and thats okay! We normal to be perfectly imperfect.

We need to learn to love the way we are, myself included and I definitely give myself a hard time on what I see in the mirror. We all come in all shapes and sizes, no people are the same. One women may weigh exactly like another but body shape be completely different. We just need to be real! Be ourselves and don’t bend to what people want us to be. We are all Beautiful.

What we see in magazines are false, we all have flaws. I have scars, C-section scar, scars from my surgeries, chicken pox scars, blemish scars we all have them. It’s normal. Barbie is a plastic, we are skin and bone. We are humans and we should be able to live in a world where we should feel comfortable with ourselves, not being forced to look like a model in the paper, it’s unrealistic.

I’ve had 3 beautiful boys, my body has changed shape because of pregnancy, I have stretch marks they tell a story of a miracle, of carrying beautiful babies, my babies, I became a mother . A women may have changed shape because of cancer, that makes her a fighter a warrior, our bodies change shape with age it’s because we get older. It’s human. It’s being real.

Karina ❤️

Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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