Spirit of the Horse

The horse to me is a very special animal it has intelligence and beauty it also doesn’t judge you and doesn’t care if your perfect or not. With a horse you can build a beautiful bond of mutual respect. I couldn’t imagine my life without horses, Zeus helps heal me and will cheer me up on a bad day- he has become my best friend.

When I’m riding it’s just me and Zeus, the song of birds and maybe a breeze. The sound of his hoof beats on the ground is soothing and when I’m in the saddle I have clarity in my mind. I feel free, no burdens, no worries it’s just me. It’s easy to see why riding can be addictive. It’s not just the riding but everything that comes with horse husbandry. It’s being outdoors interacting with an amazing animal, they have a spiritual aura around them, a sense of peace. They are man’s gentle giants and like dogs, a best friend.

I vaguely remember my first interest in horses as a little girl, I was watching a lady riding this grey horse thinking back it possibly was a Connemara. I was in awe of her and watched her as she jumped these jumps on her horse, the magical connection they had between them. As a child I thought I want to be like that, feel free as a bird. My idea of horses then stuck for years and years, some people grow out of horses, not me I want to be riding until I’m old and grey and can’t remember my name!

Horses are creatures of habit like humans but are gregarious animals, their natural instinct is to herd, safety in numbers has stayed with the domestic horse. They are inquisitive animals who are most likely to run than to fight, the flight instinct is incredibly strong even when there is a plastic bag in the wind. Or possibly the imaginary squirrel where they jump 6ft to the left or the right.

One thing about horses if that they have the sense to read human body language, they can sense fear in a human and they can read human faces so will know how you feel even if you don’t, they are incredible. A horse can know if a person lacks confidence and will try its luck with you, they like to dip the hoof in the water and see how far they can go. A bit like a child testing out a parent with irritating behaviour.

I always wonder if the horse can see your soul with their beautiful, kind eyes? Or does that make me sound cuckoo? I have taken my medication today, I promise.

Karina ❤️

Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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