Merry Christmas

I would like to wish all my followers a very Merry Christmas. 2017 is the year I have dealt with my demons, shed lots of tears and basically been a mess with my mental health. I feel 2018 is going to be great year with less weight on my shoulders. As long as I keep taking my medication there is a less chance of relapse into depression. I’ve conquered so much this year and it’s an overwhelming but pleasant feeling knowing I can move on with my life without the past creeping back into the forefront of my mind, evading my thoughts and making me miserable. I’m very grateful for the people who have stood by my and understood me when I was going through difficult times.

My husband as my rock, he anchors me and keeps me where I need to be, I don’t know what I would do without him ❤️

This year I have made and grown friendships, I’m enjoying my time with Zeus- he is my time. A time where I can I forget the world and enjoy myself. I’m luckiest girl In the world to be surrounded by lovely people and a loving family who care and support me unconditionally. People may wonder how can a girl like me suffer with depression. Anybody can be affected, even if you had the world you still can be affected my mental health. Depression is not choosy and can strike at any given time.

I wish everyone all the happiness for 2018

Karina ❤️🎄

Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

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