Crisis Point.

Being in crisis is frightening, and it’s hard to know who to turn too or even trust. You wonder what a crisis is? Reaching a Mental health crisis means you could be putting yourself or others in harms way. You feel your behaviour is out of control, your potentially suicidal, you could be severely anxious or having panic attacks, self harming or hallucinations in severe cases. All extremely very unpleasant. At the times I tried to take my own life, out of sheer desperation that was my crisis. If I had known what help I could have sought maybe it may not have got that far- but I was a teenager and even then I may not of sought help. I was also extremely frightened due to my home life at the time. My way out you would call it.

Crisis means you need help, its serious as it can get in terms of mental health. I found I would just shut down. My thoughts were dangerous, how I felt was awful I had a horrible sense of paranoia. Unfortunately many people who get to this point are too frightened to get help maybe fear of being shamed or turned away. It’s an isolating feeling.

There are ways to seek urgent help. You can call for an ambulance, this might seem drastic but they have a duty of care and it’s safer for you to be in a hospital than being on your own ( this service should be used if you really feel you may harm yourself or you have harmed yourself) There is the Samaritans- this is a charity run phone line where there is somebody at the end of the phone to chat too. They too can send an ambulance if your unable too or frightened to call 999 out of worry using the ambulance or if they feel you are going to harm yourself. To you this is your emergency, calling 111 is also available too. There is the charity called Mind that have help pages available too when your in a crisis. You will also have the crisis team number if your already under mental health care. I will share all of these and helpful links at the bottom.

No matter how you feel there is somebody to help you, not judge you. If you think your suffering with mental health disorder contact your GP, as primary care they should asses you and decide on what portal of treatment is needed. Medication is usually one of them, commonly SSRI’s but this depends on your condition you have been diagnosed with. There is always something there to help you back on your feet, it’s took me 17 years to figure this out, 17 years of heavy shoulders, of pain and anguish.

Always remember it is not your FAULT to why you feel the way you do, and your not alone. If you can confide in a family member or a close friend. Don’t be ashamed. Below I have included some websites that may be useful.

Karina ❤️ < strong> or call 116 123 from any phone they are available 24hrs a day.

Author: karinao86

Mother of 3 boys, wife to one man and lover of horses. Mental health sufferer in recovery.

5 thoughts on “Crisis Point.”

  1. Hi Karina I’m so sorry to hear if your intense and horrible m h experiences. I have horrible experiences too, the latest abuse is by my council landlord the prejudice against disabled people is astonishing and disgusting. In suffering sleep deprivation 13 months now due to neighbour abuse but even the Director of housing won’t use the law (tenancy agreement) against neighbour whom is in breach of six terms. I can’t afford a lawyer. The director has taken the abusers side once again after visiting me for a meeting. I only allowed him to come after I’d received his apology letter for disparaging and discriminating comments in email about my disabilities and he replied giving impression he cared. In writing he also stated he cared about my healing (I had told him I suffer with Complex PTSD and lack of sleep puts me in danger and closer to crisis point). Toxic man. Fake platitudes. Ignored my statement of human rights act 1998 violation (Article 3) the right to live without inhumane treatment

    Disability Discrimination Act
    Equality Overview (Act), 2010

    None of these were replied to. Despite my restating them. Slimy.

    Dangerous level of sleep deprivation I suffer as I am prevented from going to sleep and then woken up after 5 hours being out cold. Feel like I’m dying and he doesn’t give a fig. He’s on 82K and cares nowt about my suffering. My eyes are damaged dark circles and bloodshot, sore all the time. its scary. Kind regards. Shar. @twilight7609


      1. hi Karina thank you for kind words. I recently found an advocacy charity and I hope the lady who agreed to take my case on (via my friend who is over 50 and qualifies by age) and help us. The Director of Housing recently sent a letter and honestly, if you rad it you would see the complete one-sided bias in favour of my neighbour whom, surprise surprise, is just like him, ie they both have a television in the bedroom. In no part of his letter does he address my needs as the sick and harassed person! So it’s the Noisy League against the Quiet League now. If you want a quiet bedroom and you share a wall with a noise obsessive who wants NO sleep, you will not get any rest. They don’t care about what sickness you have or what it may cause you. TIP: Watch out wherever you are because I think this monster is not just in my neck of the woods. This attitude of punitive actions against innocent quiet people is nasty and I fear it may be (or already have) spread/ing. I wish you well too. How are you feeling these days? kind regards, sb.

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      2. Hi SB I do hope it gets sorted and your able to rest up. I’m feeling much better now I’m taking my medication every day. I forget to take it as being a busy mum I fall for the bottom of the pile. Take care of yourself. Karina


      3. Hi Karina thank you again for your kind reply. Sorry to hear that your not taking medicines was the cause of your health issues. Sadly I don’t see an end to my problem until the Council (in Pocahontas country) agrees and gives equality so that quiet people have rights too. Because no other person has complained they seem to reserve the right to treat me like dirt, and as if I am making the whole thing up. Chronic trauma illness needs quiet. Chronic pain illness needs quiet rest time. Not all people are noisy round the clock but they decline to acknowledge this. He sat in my lounge and wrote down what I told him about Introver personality. Sounded interested and remarked what I said made more sense than what he had written. People need quiet bedroom to sleep. Sadly to the Council this is an alien concept. So while they don’t think it matters to them, they don’t think anyone should want it. (nice huh?) Director stated in his letter that he does not understand my illness (which one?) and yet he seems happy to bash me over the head with inferiority speak and “look what this one’s said about you: – while mysteriously not telling me who has said these monstrous things or backing them up with evidence (basically slandered me, making up lies about me supposedly having a fear of noise when on the contrary, he admitted in my home that I am not sensitive to noise-as I speak at a normal volume-funny way of assessing it considering he has no audio experience). Seriously Karina, he, and his other Council cronies are bent. Fingers crossed the advocacy lady can catch him out and find a way of restoring something that is a right .. my quiet bedroom to sleep. / What medicines was it did you forget to take, that caused your sickness?


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