My name is Karina O’Brien and this is my mental health story. I’m married to a wonderful, caring man who has all The patience in the world and together we have three beautiful boys. Me and Shaun have been together almost 15 years and married nearly 6 years.

I love horses, they are my therapy. Not just riding, but the whole husbandry that comes with them, I prefer horses to people- they don’t judge you!

I also enjoy reading, walking and when the opportunity rises a jog, I drink wine and partial to a pink gin on occasions. I like to bake when I have the time and enjoy cooking meals from scratch, majority of which my fussy children will not eat.

I’m in recovery for various mental health problems. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) body-dysmorphia disorder (BDD) anxiety and bouts of depression. It’s no walk in the park. In my blog I want to share my experiences.thoughts and breaking the taboo on Mental Health. I want to be a positive story and hope to I help others in recovery or going through a tough time at the moment.

Going through any mental health disorder is not easy and I want to reassure people that yes you can overcome it, you are definitely not alone in this world. Give yourself a break, drink a cuppa and take 5 minutes-sometimes that’s all we need.

You can also leave your own thoughts in the comments sections of my blog posts.